Can Wisdom Teeth Straighten Themselves Out?

Wisdom teeth, more formally referred to as molars, are teeth that are closest to the throat and are usually flatter than most other teeth. They don’t have much of a function during the modern era, although our ancestors used them to help chew leafy greens. The problem with wisdom teeth is that if they are crooked, they could potentially impact the alignment of all other teeth in that row and can cause severe pain. However, crooked wisdom teeth do not always lead to issues, and some patients can have misaligned molars without impacting any of the other teeth.

If you’re noticing that your wisdom teeth are crooked, they most likely will not straighten themselves out. In most cases, crooked wisdom teeth that are impacting the alignment and functionality of the rest of the teeth, or wisdom teeth that are causing pain and sensitivity are extracted.

However, in cases where the wisdom teeth are not impacting the rest of the teeth, they can be kept without any issues.

How Do You Fix Crooked Wisdom Teeth?

If crooked wisdom teeth aren’t causing any issues to the rest of the teeth, then they can simply be kept as they are. However, if they start causing severe pain and sensitivity, or make other teeth misaligned, then it may be time to see a dentist.

A crooked wisdom tooth that is having negative consequences can typically be extracted. This can help alleviate any stress on other teeth and can relieve overcrowding. However, wisdom teeth removal can be uncomfortable, and requires a bit of post-procedure aftercare to ensure proper healing.

Why Experts Now Say Not to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

In previous years, wisdom teeth were removed as early as possible. This was done because it was thought that wisdom teeth always cause issues when they finally erupt. However, nowadays wisdom teeth are left alone as long as they aren’t causing any problems like gum irritation, difficulty chewing, or pushing on regular teeth.

Removal of wisdom teeth can also be quite uncomfortable, causing swelling and pain for days after the procedure. Dentists are therefore recommending to only remove wisdom teeth if they are causing any active issues.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Grow Crooked?

Not all wisdom teeth actually grow crooked. Some patients have perfectly aligned wisdom teeth that cause no problems. However, some individuals may experience wisdom teeth that are misaligned, and have the potential to push on other teeth or cause gum irritation. There isn’t an exact reason for this, but it can occur due to genetic differences, the shape and size of the jaw, the position of regular teeth already present in the mouth, dental hygiene practices, and more. In the end, it’s difficult to tell who will eventually have crooked wisdom teeth and who will not. Regardless, it’s important for everyone to take proper care of their teeth and to attend regularly scheduled dental visits to ensure teeth are healthy and strong. For more information about wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth extraction please visit our dentists in Worcester MA.